3D Printing the World at Fundación Telefónica

Curated in collaboration with Carmen Baselga, now you can visit our exhibition "3D - Printing the World" at Fundación Telefónica in Madrid.

Lecture and workshop in Galicia

The DAG (Asociación Galega de Diseñadores) has invited us to participate on “FEED (Foro de Edición e Deseño, 2013)” That will be held on 18th and 19th October in the city of Santiago.

The Dome at Coachella Festival

Back from our last adventure at Coachella in California. Around 1000 balloons to create a 13 metres high lighting installation: The Dome

Water for Thought at Roca London Gallery

Curation and Design of "Water for Thought". Exhibition promoted by Roca (We Are Water Foundation). From 25th January at Roca London Gallery.

We have been invited at Belgrade Design Week

We will be giving a talk in Serbia within the framework of Belgrade Design Week 2012 next 8th June. 

"Dreams of a Tap" at Roca Gallery Barcelona

The exhibition "Dreams of a Tap" will be on show at Roca Barcelona Gallery from 11th Feb to 6th May 2012.

Tenerife Design Festival

We are invited to Tenerife Design Festival. We will be doing a workshop exploring ways to enjoy the traditional dish Papa and Mojo

Jumpthegap at Roca Barcelona Gallery

The installation We designed for Jumpthegap: International Design Contest by Roca, is now on display in Roca Barcelona Gallery. Building by architecture studio OAB, by Carlos Ferrater.

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